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Cottonwood Ranch

The Ranch rests in the historic O’Neil Basin, once home to notorious cattle rustlers.  At an elevation of just over 6,000 feet, the average summer temperatures are in the low 80’s.  This corner of Nevada boasts the purest air in the lower 48 states. To quote one ranch visitor, “Our days were filled with air so clean you could feel it and country so beautiful, just being there was enough.”  Cottonwood Creek meanders through the willows and meadows just below Ranch headquarters.  To the west, the landscape rises to what we lovingly refer to as ‘The Mountain’- the high mountains of the Jarbidge Wilderness, known as one of the least-traveled wilderness areas in the continental U.S.  These mountains also form the highest concentration of peaks over 10,000 feet in Nevada.  They are a sight to behold and a thrill to explore. 

Cottonwood Ranch
HC 62 Box 1300, O’Neil Route
Wells, Nevada 89835 USA
Phone: (775) 752-0817 or (775) 275-0453
Toll Free: (888) 269-2022
Fax: (775) 201-0301

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