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63 Ranch – Livingston, Montana

The 63 Ranch history dates from 1863 (hence its name). In 1982 it was the first dude ranch in Montana declared a National Historic Site. Our family has owned and operated The 63 continuously since 1929. We are Sandra and Bud Cahill, and their son Jeff. Sandra is daughter of the founders Paul and Jinnie Christensen. The ranch sits at 5600 feet altitude below Elephant Head Mtn., 50 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, 12 miles from Livingston, Montana.

Our ranch borders immense Gallatin National Forest, straddles Mission Creek Canyon, meets the craggy peaks of the Absaroka Mountains and rolls across grassy hills, rimrock ridges and sagebrush benches above the Yellowstone River. We think it’s the prettiest country in the West. You will too.

A Day at 63: If you wake before the morning breakfast bell, lie still and listen. From the hills echo the distant shouts of wranglers herding horses in streams of morning sunlight. … from Mission Creek drifts the murmur of rushing water. Overhead, the rustle of aspen leaves in the morning breeze.

63 Ranch ~ Hosts ~ Bud, Sandra, Jeff & Deanna Cahill
P. O. Box 979 ~ Livingston, MT ~ 59047
Tel. 888-395-5151


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